Dividend Income – Pot of Gold or Reality? 🌈

Dividends are a source of income for equity investors; but many are not interested in the small amounts distributed as dividends and prefer to make a killing buying low and selling high. Why should an equity investor in India pursue dividend investing? As per the current IT laws, for a resident individual dividend income upto Rs….

Making your first SIP million 💷

“The key is to begin…” they say and so I start my savings with a Rs. 1000/- monthly SIP in a mutual fund. “An end date for the SIP ?” asks the advisor. “Two years for the time being and then I will decide.” Two years later…. “I will continue with the same SIP amount….

Robo Advisors to help you meet your financial goals…🤖

If you are a Preferred, Priority or Premier customer at a bank, you get a Relationship Manager, else you get the Call Center. Similarly depending on your investible surplus now either you can avail a Robo Advisor or an actual human Investment Advisor. But apparently people are quite happy with the Robo Advisor as seen…