Investment ideas for 18-25 year olds 🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♀️

In college and pursuing graduate courses; food, accommodation and other expenses paid for by parents, popularly referred to as Gen Z; but the kids themselves most likely will not have any investible surplus. So where is the question of investing? It’s the parents who want to start the kids on their compounding journey and want…

Equwise: Mindful beginning to FY 22 🗓

It’s already 7 April. The first week flew past mainly due to Good Friday and Easter; fasting and feasting🥂. March was year end and that pressure from work is over. And before we start making vacation plans, it is a good time to take stock of our individual balance sheet; to see whether we have…

Dividend Income – Pot of Gold or Reality? 🌈

Dividends are a source of income for equity investors; but many are not interested in the small amounts distributed as dividends and prefer to make a killing buying low and selling high. Why should an equity investor in India pursue dividend investing? As per the current IT laws, for a resident individual dividend income upto Rs….

Making your first SIP million 💷

“The key is to begin…” they say and so I start my savings with a Rs. 1000/- monthly SIP in a mutual fund. “An end date for the SIP ?” asks the advisor. “Two years for the time being and then I will decide.” Two years later…. “I will continue with the same SIP amount….

Robo Advisors to help you meet your financial goals…🤖

If you are a Preferred, Priority or Premier customer at a bank, you get a Relationship Manager, else you get the Call Center. Similarly depending on your investible surplus now either you can avail a Robo Advisor or an actual human Investment Advisor. But apparently people are quite happy with the Robo Advisor as seen…