Treat yourself to Hyderabad: A 3 day itinerary 🌆

The name Bhagmati seems quite famous in Hyderabad; though we didn’t meet any ladies with this name, there are shops named Bhagmati and even saw a boat named Bhagmati at the pier on the Hussain Sagar lake in the Lumbini Park. What’s in a name, you may ask? For Hyderabad it translates to it’s genesis….

Pondicherry & Mahabalipuram by road …🚙💨 the Itinerary⛱

Puja holidays are finally here 💃. Standing in Bangalore, we look around, where can we go? There is Kerala and Goa on the west coast – been there; within Karnataka there is Mysore – been there; Wayanad and Coorg – been there; hill stations of Coonnor, Ootty – been there too. It’s time to venture…