Nature walk in Chikmagalur 🌺

6:30 am was the reporting time for the Nature Walk from the hotel. The idea of a nature walk sounded good and exciting !! The scenery was going to be new and I like the tit bits of info that guides provide. Gireesh was our guide, an employee of the hotel. He handed us canes…

Fun activity for the holidays at home 🧩

It’s the first major break since school started in June. Travelling is ruled out during the Puja holidays this time. 10 days at home….what to do? We need an off screen activity and no books please as it’s a break from school and online classes. One fun project that comes to mind is jigsaw puzzles….

Easy Indian meal (Set #8): Kerala Fish biryani 🍚

Is it just me or is anyone else facing the predicament that by the time breakfast and lunch are done and dishes washed, it’s time to start the dinner preparations😬!?  The work does not stop! The mornings are noiseless, pleasant and cool. Our day starts late, but that doesn’t translate to cutting back on the…

Mango Showers : [2] A Pleasant Surprise 🌧

The day was hot as usual but come evening it suddenly became very cool, looks like it is going to rain; but we haven’t seen rain for sometime now. And soon it did, started as drizzle and then the clouds burst open in a heavy downpour🌧; it lasted maybe for 5 to 8 minutes only….