A tranquil oasis in God’s Own Country: Taj Bekal

Starting with a story from the Hindu mythology…… Vishnu is the Preserver in the Hindu triad. Vishnu is said to descend on earth in various avatars to restore order. Parasurama is the sixth avatar of Vishnu. Parasurama was born as the youngest son of Jamadagni, a sage and Renuka. In the Vedic society, the Kshatriyas were the…

Goa to Bekal : A road trip across 3 states

So where is Bekal? It’s a small town by the Arabian Sea in Kasargod district, in the state of Kerala. And why Bekal? Because we are heading home to Kerala and Bekal is a half-way point for a stopover. And I have never been to Bekal. We leave the hotel by 9:00 am after breakfast….