The genesis of the blog dates back to Jan 2018. Till then I was a full time finance professional working with the leading mortgage lender in India. The work was all consuming and life just flowed q-o-q. Then came the decision to shift base from Kochi to Bangalore and I decided to quit work full time. Then the travel opportunities came along and as Ibn Battuta famously said “Travelling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Years down, I do not know whether I drive the blog or the blog drives me! But it’s been a rewarding journey. When you pen down words, it helps bring more clarity to the thoughts. I enjoy the clicking and creative process.

The posts are about the everydays and subjective. They are simply chronicles of favourite books, homemade meals, places visited & revisited, restaurants frequented, celebrations, nature and ramblings.

Personal finance is a subject close to heart and I also like exploring the myriad investment opportunities that are now available to the retail investor and the doubts that come to mind while making the choices.

Thank you !