The best tree of the season 🎄

The Christmas trees are everywhere, in homes, hotels, malls, shops; all are artificial trees, but each one is unique and pretty. The possibilities in terms decor are endless and the sheer creativity involved in making them a stand out is brilliant and never fails to amaze.

The Taj West End at Bangalore has some spectacular Christmas decor and the wings of the cherubim is a novelty.

Cherubim wings as Christmas decor at the Taj West End, Bangalore

The hotels have beautiful trees as the focal point in their lobby alongside gingerbread houses and wreaths on the walls and doors, festive garlands winding the staircase railings complete the season’s landscape.

Gingerbread house at Taj, MG Road, Bangalore

The Phoenix Market City mall, Bangalore has probably the tallest of the Christmas trees; all lit up, colourful and rising high into the night sky is a sight to behold. Homes have unequivocally the prettiest of the trees, curated with a personal touch and years of carefully collected baubles from various places and holding special memories. The cafes and restaurants in Bangalore have some special trees too.

But the best tree for me this season is actually one that is out of town; saw it in Chennai on our recent trip.

The tree stands tall at twenty one feet, in the lobby of the ITC Grand Chola in Chennai. It is spectacular and very real; it’s made of real but dried leaves. Not pine, but palmyra from the palm-tree family🌴. Who would have thought of fashioning a Christmas tree from dried palm leaves; incredible, clever and looks magnificent !!🎄

Palmyra Christmas tree at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

Another special factor worth mention is that it is the tree itself with the minimalistic decor that stands out and not the ostentatious display of colour and decor. The tree is indigenous to the state and also earns special mention as the State Tree of Tamil Nadu.

The dried leaves of the palmyra palm fashioned into a Christmas tree at the ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

Native to the region, the tall palmyra tree is a common sight in the area with it’s thin trunk and fan shaped leaves. It is a cultivated tree as it’s sap is fermented to make country liquor called toddy. But who would have given a second thought to the pretty leaves !?

As a popular local craft, the tender palmyra leaves are also weaved into baskets, bags and hand held fans. But the Christmas tree is the epitome of ingenuity; fashioning something of such universal appeal from locally sourced materials. It’s a magnificent piece of art !!


2022 has been a wonderful year that has sped off in lightning speed and there has been many moments of absolute bliss; a blog helps capture some of these memories and the learnings. A look back is definitely a walk down the memory lane.

Wishing everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2023 !! 🥳


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