1️⃣ December: Tree Day🎄

No sun today; it’s cloudy, grey and a windy morning here in Bangalore; has all the signs of a lazy day ahead. Quoting Jim Rohn here “Either you run the day or the day runs you!” It is a special day though, the beginning of a new month and the first task of December is to put up the Christmas tree and it takes more than gloomy weather to put a damper on this fun activity.

The boxes of decorations are unearthed; the tree itself is unravelled from its cocoon like enclosure of cardboard box and newspapers taped tightly for the past eleven months.

The gnarly branches of the tree and straightened out; the fairy lights tested first; yes they are still working and then strung around the tree. The black wire is camouflaged by the dark green spikes resembling the leaves of the coniferous tree.

The small tree hangings are a mix collected over years; it’s a miracle that they have lasted so far considering that they were relatively inexpensive buys. It’s a melange of colours; next time probably I will go with a colour theme for the Christmas tree.

But it looks good; the poinsettia flowers are clip ons bought from Ikea.

The white candle dish, the red pillar candle, the plastic reindeer and elf are all Ikea buys. The red greeting card is an old favourite; it’s a musical Christmas card from my parents and the red windmill is a toy, it’s a music box with a winding key, the pieces had to be assembled, it was bought from an airport duty free.

The wreath on the door, the bells on top of the widow all find their usual assigned places. Christmas decoration shopping🛍 ? Yes, few candle holders only this time.

The paper mache Christmas decor needs to be put up and another set of lights 💡also needs to be adorned along the walls; later in the day perhaps. The house looks festive and it’s good fun.

Wishing everyone fun filled days of decorating for the holiday season 🎄

Till next post, take care !!


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