Workcation at Grand Hyatt, Goa 🌴

Warm sun, cool breeze and rhythmic sound of the waves; not the ideal the setting for work, but work we must. And that was okay and that was how it was planned.

Grand Hyatt is located by the sea shore overlooking the Bambolim bay; 25 kms away from the Goa airport at Dabolim. A sprawling 28 acre property housing 331 rooms and 700 staff; picture perfect and an oasis of tranquility.

We had already done the tourist circuit in Goa on a prior road trip 👉Goa in October : An itinerary to explore Goa in 2 days (stay at Le Meridien) 🚗💨and so a workcation this time was a good idea.

The resort was gearing up to welcome the Diwali holiday-makers and we were going to check out before the rush began. The buildings are painted pastel shades of yellow and pink, nestled amidst trees and green; we were housed in guest house no. 7.

The guest house mirrored the tropical architecture with an open courtyard in the center of the building, surrounded by a colonnaded portico and rooms around. The quiet all around except for the sound of water gushing from the fountain below made you feel like being elsewhere!

Our sea facing room with sliding misty doors separated the air-conditioned chilled interiors from the warm sun bathed spacious balcony. It felt like two worlds and you could easily slide between the two!

The pool and ample other activities in the resort kept the guests busy; but with work on my plate, I kept to the room most of the time, gazing from my laptop screen to the lush green and sea outside. The surroundings are manicured to perfection with an army of people, not a blade of grass is out of place.

Breakfast buffet was a leisurely morning treat to look forward to before the grind began. Here I tried a coconut dosa for the first time; no masala inside, a plain dosa, but tasty. Goan bread with Chicken Xacutti, chicken cooked in a coconut gravy, is a must try. Ending the meal with a selection of ice cream seemed like a holiday indulgence, even though not being a full fledged holiday – vanilla and mango were the best combo.

Evenings beckoned a stroll around the property. There is an old 17th century ruins of a church housed inside the property. It was apparently not razed to the ground when the resort was being built and now, covered completely by a green vine, it stands as priceless slice of history right in the backyard.

Inside the main building is worth an exploration once, the high ceilinged rooms, the lights, decor, waterscapes, the art pieces are picked with care and maintained well.

At night, the light transforms the place to a magical land.

There are a variety of restaurants to dine from, but we confined to room service for most meals for the sheer convenience. It was a short stay, but a welcome change ! A good place to escape for a few days.

Till next post, take care !!


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