New & Blue 🌬

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

Karen Lamb

I am back to working full-time now and in a new niche. Starting over anew, after a sabbatical is a roller-coaster experience. The opportunity was godsend; and I am grateful for it. But it’s no cakewalk; the learning curve is steep; stumbling along an unclear road; trying to figure out the whys; ironing out my doubts.

And just when a professional opportunity opens up; it’s all but natural for the personal front to go into a tailspin. That too has come and passed; but still there is no peace as the transition still feels unreal and unsettling. I like, more aptly enjoy the new line of work and that more than compensates for everything else; for now at least. Getting started is the most difficult part and that has happened!

End of October and just past Diwali. I will keep my blue balcony lights on till Christmas and New Year. Bangalore has become chilly 🌬

Working full time; managing the house and chores; kid away at college; WFH, commute in Bangalore; it’s not life as usual; it’s different and strange (new would be a positive word) and not used to. The old routines no longer stand; and the figuring out is process is taking too long.

Life is back to square one; last forty years were spent is making life predictable and more sure; suddenly all that has become undone and now in just a few months every new day has become uncertain and the foundation itself needs re-building; the plan is still unclear. Change is an easy word to read about in books and watch in other people’s lives; but to live through it is a learning.

These are exciting times !!

Till next post, take care!


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