Bangalore to Mangalore ✈️

Snippet from the August Indigo 6E magazine

Hi! there 👋 It’s been a while.

Rainy days are here in Bangalore again; roads and residential layouts in parts of the extended city are flooded due to the heavy rains. The sudden rise in water levels has created havoc and confusion on the ground; we meanwhile are taking to the skies and on a short trip to the neighbouring city of Mangalore.

We are flying Indigo, the morning flight was on time and the journey comfortable. They have started placing their Hello 6E magazine again in the seat pocket of one seat in a row of three and browsing through it is a favourite in flight activity.

On the Indigo flight to Mangalore

Bangalore airport is always busy; this time our goto breakfast place Tiffin Center was closed for renovation. A big disappointment; but we had buffet breakfast from another place called Altavista; English breakfast here; I miss the dosa at the Tiffin Center.

Waiting for take-off from Bangalore

Up above the rain filled clouds, the sun was warm, blue skies and fluffy white clouds painted the serene skies.

Indigo flight to Mangalore

A short flight of 40 minutes and we are above the port city of Mangalore. Few years back, we have crossed Mangalore on a previous road trip along the Karavali coast from Goa to Bekal 👉Goa to Bekal : A road trip along the Karavali coast.

Above the port city of Managalore

First look at Managlore from above, you can see the busy port lining the seashore; the ground is covered in green; the airport is on a hillock and and the plane hit the runway with a heavy “thud” felt like falling down from the sky.

The Mangalore airport has been taken over by the Adani group and the effects of the change in management are visible. First are the colourful artworks on display. The accumulated grime along glass walls of the airport are being washed off. The airport is small, but efficient. There is a pre-paid taxi counter but being the first time; we had a taxi waiting for us.

At the Mangalore airport

Outside the parking lot is covered by the green, maroon, red canopy of the Australian almond trees. Our cab descended down from the airport, along the winding roads into town. It’s hard to miss the Mangalore Refinery enroute. We are not staying in Managlore; we are off to Manipal, a small university town in the Udupi district of Karnataka; one and a half hour drive from the Mangalore airport.


The drive was refreshing purely because of all the green around; a sea of change from the concrete in Bangalore.

Speeding along the highway from Mangalore to Manipal

We sped along the broad highway; the scenery along the roadside were villas nestled amidst green. On one such house, on the roof, sitting on the ledge around the water tank were peahens. Who would have expected !? In city we see pigeons and on the countryside we expect chickens and ducks, not peahens! We sped past NIT, Suratkal a renowned educational institution.

And in good time, we made it to Manipal 🚕💨

Till next post, take care !!


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