Lunch @Maya, Jayanagar, Bangalore🍽

Jayanagar is one of the older suburbs in Bangalore, which still has broad tree lined roads enveloped in thick green canopy that blocks the sunlight from reaching the ground; hence even on a hot afternoon, it feels quite cool. “It’s where all the moneybags in Bangalore stay; not the nouveau riche, the old money.” remarked my cousin. The residential area is dominated by independent houses and almost every junction has a fruit seller with a cart laiden with mangoes, papaya, litchi, bananas, apples, oranges and side by side is a vendor selling tender coconuts.

Jayanagar, Bangalore

We were headed towards 5th Block, 10th Main Road, Jayanagar and our destination was a restaurant named Maya. The restaurant is housed in an erstwhile house that has been remodelled; the decor is wood and cane.

A Sunday afternoon in Bangalore is reason enough for lunch out, but this Sunday was special, 19 June was Father’s Day 🎈. The complimentary snack was rice crisps with salsa; it disappeared quickly 😌.

Rice crisps with salsa at Maya, Jayanagar

Next were a few starters we wanted to try out – Maya Fried Chicken (MFC) Kebab, Kokum infused lemon garlic prawns, Spicy Korean Chicken wings and a salad titled Earth, it was watermelon and feta.

We ordered the Kokum infused prawns out of plain curiosity; it was a surprise, the prawns were wedged with two sour kokum pieces on either sides on a toothpick; the kokum as expected has a sour taste, may not be to everyone’s liking. The Spicy Korean Chicken wings were yummy😋! The Mad Mango & Banana Smoothie was a winner and the the green concoction was named Kiwi Breeze.

Spicy Korean Chicken wings at Maya

The main course was chicken biryani, not too spicy, with a raita 👇.

Chicken Biryani at Maya

We skipped desserts. On the way back, we bought ripe Badami mangoes from the nearby fruit seller and had a tender coconut drink each! It was a good meal. The ambience at Maya is calm and unhurried, a reflection of its surroundings.

Till next post, take care !!


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