Biryani on Brigade road (Anjappar) 🍲

My first destination on the late Saturday morning was Commercial street in downtown Bangalore; it took more than an hour to reach there from Sarjapur side, the notorious Bangalore traffic is back in full josh. I was dropping off a few fabrics with the tailor, I had earlier bought a few Orissa Ikat printed fabrics to fashion into salwars. The tailor was writing out the receipt and I noticed that he increased the stitching charges by Rs.50/- per salwar. “New rates from January of this year” he said. His seems to be a good business, able to ride the inflation, since he is able to pass on the rising costs to the customers and the charges once increased, will never be decreased again!

It was already past noon and the next destination was Church street; there were some books I wanted to get in exchange for the coupons I received from selling old books. But lunch first; we found parking on Brigade road and right in front and high above on the first floor stood the biryani place, Anjappar. A steep climb of stairs and we were in the a/c restaurant.

First, a mango flavoured welcome drink and then we ordered the food. Stainless steel glass tumblers held our warm water and plates were placed lined with washed and shaped banana leaves; it looked good!

Anjappar restaurant on Brigade road, Bangalore

First was decided to have a plate of parotta (2 nos.) and Chettinad kozhi(chicken) varuval, a semi gravy dish; the chicken pieces were with bones, cooked well and coated with a spicy and tasty onion gravy with curry leaves and pieces of green chillies. The parottas were hot, soft and very good. It’s been a long time since we have eaten parottas; made of maida (refined flour) and hence not considered healthy; but definitely a treat to be had once in a while. It’s delicious!

Parotta (2 nos.) and Chettinad kozhi(chicken) varuval at Anjappar, Brigade road, Bangalore

We then decided to share and ordered a pot of chicken biryani; it arrived quickly. The chicken biryani was hiding a hard boiled egg under the mound of rice, a nice surprise; the rice was flavoursome; the chicken cooked well and the whole biryani not too spicy.

Chicken biryani at Anjappar, Brigade road, Bangalore

The place was full on the Saturday afternoon, the food was good and satisfied an innate craving for tasty biryani and parotta with chicken. The meal felt so much more pleasurable than a chicken roll or sandwich we were initially planning to eat. We had not planned to eat there; it was just a happy coincidence and should go there again 😉.

Anjappar restaurant on Brigade road, Bangalore

Till next post, take care !!


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