Selling my car 🚙

The choice of the vendor was by chance but it was a good experience. I managed the sale from Bangalore, the vehicle was at my parent’s place in Kottayam, Kerala and there was also some pending paperwork from the financier at Kochi, Kerala. But it all came through without having to travel from Bangalore to Kerala for the sale or even leave the house, save for one outing in order to courier the signed docs (this too could have been avoided had I a printer at home and the courier, a pick up facility from doorstep, sadly not! )

For twelve years I kept the i10 Asta a midnight blue hatchback; seven years it was indispensable to me during the office commutes and long drives. Then I shifted to Bangalore and the car was left at Kochi for a while, where it’s maintenance suffered and then brought to my parents home where it remained in the car shed, cared for, but not used; my parents didn’t have much use of a second car, just took care of it.

i10 Asta, midnight blue hatchback

In January this year, I decided to sell it; it may be of much better use to someone else plus I am paying for the insurance and maintenance but not using it; also it would clear out my parent’s car shed. I gave all the documents pertaining to the car to my parents and asked them to sell it off. My brother downloaded the Cars24 app and my father booked an appointment. Soon the person from Cars24 team arrived; the car inspection and evaluation was done. The inspection report was shared on 21 Apr and the sale consideration proposed by the Cars24 team. I was happy with the quoted amount. They had a service charge which was reasonable.

Then I spoke to the Relationship Manager(RM) who said all the documents were in place, except the NOC from the financier. The NOC had expired and they needed a valid NOC. I wrote to the financier at Kochi and they said they will issue a revised NOC. The RM was willing to collect the NOC from the financier given an authority letter from my side. Then he emailed the other documents involved in the sale that warranted my signature.

There was one condition for payment; they would hold back a percentage of the total price till the NOC was received from the financier. The rest of the amount was credited to my bank account directly and at the very instant the keys and docs were handed over to them at my parent’s home on 26 Apr. No delays, no hassles.

I took print outs of all the docs in Bangalore, signed and couriered it to the Cars24 office in Kerala; it would reach them in two days 28 Apr. Within the next ten days, the held back amount too was credited to the bank account and the transaction successfully closed, 9 May !

That’s an easy and efficient way to sell a car ! Kudos to the Cars24 team !!

Till next post, take care !!


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