POTD: Catching a sunrise πŸŒ…

” A humourist once said the most difficult problem in life was getting out of a warm bed into a cold room. And he had a point. The longer you lie there and think how unpleasant it will be to get up, the more difficult it becomes. Even in such a simple operation as this, mechanical action, just throwing off the covers and putting your feet on the floor, defeats dread.

Action must precede action. That’s a law of nature. Nothing starts itself, not even the dozens of mechanical gadgets we use daily.”

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

May marks the continuation of summer and dawn breaks early. Catching a glimpse of the sunrise, the tingling feel of the cool early morning breeze plus a chance to see what is new with the trees are three good reasons for me to get out of bed in the morning.

Bangalore is a city of pet keepers (or pet parents is the more ‘in’ title) and keeping this fetish in mind, as an added attraction, the new apartment complexes have pet parks as one of the several inbuilt amenities. Early mornings, when there are scarce people around, the pet owners take off the leash on their dogs and let them roam around freely for a while; a very thoughtful gesture.

I saw a handsome golden retriever playfully running around, with its owner close by; the dog was off leash; and then it saw me walking and decided to come running up. I don’t pet dogs and not sure what to do when a dog comes running at you. No way I could outrun the dog, it could easily overtake me. The owner shouted out, asking me to stand still, I did. The dog jumped at me, but did not touch me and moved back, by then the owner caught up and hugged it away. I knew it wouldn’t harm me, it’s a pet; but still, maybe a scratch. Thankfully nothing happened and both the dog and me were good. 🀞

Till next post, take care !!


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