Tree tales: The sacred peepal tree (April series Part 𝟜 of 𝟠)

It’s difficult to miss the Peepal tree in the greenscape👇 around the Kasavanahalli lake, Bangalore.

Kasavanahalli lake, Bangalore

Watch out for the solitary red crown in the row of green !!

Kasavanahalli lake, Bangalore

The tender and colourful peepal leaves have profused quickly covering the once bare branches. They are almost on the verge of turning fully green. The full red crown now is beautiful !! A set of then and now pics, less than a week apart👇

The tender Peepal leaves – red, burgundy, copper with tinges of yellow and green

Well into the summer holidays, the crowd in the morning at the lake now has inklings of school kids and teenagers walking, jogging and cycling most likely at the behest of the parents to get some fresh air.

The weekend sees another crowd; playing cricket at the govt. school’s front yard bordering the Kasavanahalli lake. Unlike the private institutions, locked up and secluded, the school grounds are welcoming and hosts cricket matches on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Plenty of onlookers too !

Happy weekend 🍂

Till next post, take care !!


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