POTD: Colours of the Allamanda 🌝


Old woody vine,

new leaves,

generous buds

and large flowers in an array of colours !

The woody climber had gone into hibernation during the last four months and now it’s blooming again prodded on by the summer’s heat and rain. The last time, I saw only one colour of the Allamanda👉POTD: Allamanda 💮, a magenta shade but now there are four more !

Peach coloured allamanda
Yellow coloured allamanda
Apricot coloured allamanda
Golden yellow allamanda

The golden yellow is the most commonly seen one, followed by the magenta colour. The golden yellow allamanda is a favourite in Kerala gardens; it’s made to climb up and spread around an umbrella shaped cast iron support; the yellow flowers are big and bold and radiate sunshine and happiness.

Magenta coloured allamanda

Till next post, take care !!


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