Kappa Chakka Kandhari: Sweet and savoury, a taste of Kerala ๐Ÿ›ถ

The reason for the salubrious weather in Bangalore is its elevation at 3000+ ft above sea level. Ask any resident what they love about the city, after the weather, the next on the list will be the green canopy enveloping the city followed by the many eateries that abound the cityscape. And like every metro across the country, the residents will have a select favourite(s) serving their native food, which warrants a visit esp. on the days of festivals to treat yourself to a taste of home.

And on this Easter occasion, we visited our current favourite restaurant for Kerala food; it’s called Kappa Chakka Kandhari. This restaurant is located on a busy crossroad in Koramangala right under the large canopy of a copperpod in full bloom. We have eaten there a few times, pre-pandemic and the food was yummy. They were closed during the two years of pandemic and now once again re-opened with same tasty food but a new menu.

On weekends the place is packed and if you are in a large group, it’s a good idea to reserve a table ahead or you can wait under the copper pod tree outside, enjoy the breeze and the old golden blooms that come floating down.

The Easter brunch had a special menu; it was fantastic, the highlight being that it gave a tasting of all the fabulous non-veg Kerala dishes which was a waking up for the taste buds after the 50 days of lent. The starters were – boiled and roasted quail eggs, prawns masala with coconut, chicken cutlet, meat ularthu and a very tasty seer fish fry. The main dishes were three combos – Kerala sweet bread and chicken roast, idiappam and prawns molee, vellappam and meat curry. It was a very tasty fare. But I did not take pics of the Easter brunch, but here are some of their regular fare. They don’t serve alcohol.

The current menu is a change from their earlier one; the new version has one pot meals and a few different set menus complete with drinks, starters and dessert together with unlimited helpings of the main course. We tried both.

One of the one pot meals were had was the Pazham Pori Pothu Curry – crispy sweet banana fritters and spicy meat curry๐Ÿ‘‡. You probably need a second helping to feel full or better still try another combo ๐Ÿ˜‹

Pazham Pori Pothu Curry – crispy sweet banana fritters and spicy meat curry

From the vegetarian set menu, we tried the one titled Naadan Memories – the starters here were Kappa vada (fried tapioca patty), crispy onion fries, Koorka ularthiyathu and Chembu (colocassia) roast; who thought the humble Koorka and Chembu could be show openers! The mains were veg curries with idiappam and puttu.

Starters of the veg set menu titled Naadan Memories

For a non-veg set menu, we tried the Ammachi Specials – the starters here was Prawn Kizhi, it came as a small bundle in a banana leaf and inside was a dish of prawns and grated coconut; then was the yummy roasted calamari rings; idi ercachi, dried and shredded meat (the sun-dried meat can leave a lingering odour in the mouth, you have been warned !) and a plate of chicken fry.

Starters of the Ammachi special no-veg set menu

The Ammachi special is a fav set menu; it’s mains are old favourites – sweet and soft Vattayappam with duck mappas and tapioca cooked together with meat ๐Ÿ˜‹. This is a fav Kerala combo !!

Ammachi special set menu mains – Vattayappam with duck mappas and tapioca cooked together with meat

The dessert favourites are Kandhari (chilli) ice cream and cloud pudding – each one to his own or share and enjoy both !! Goli soda, something you would buy from the street vendor or a hot summer’s day is here too๐Ÿ‘‡, the goli marble is pushed inside to open the bottle. Though served in a small plate, the pineapple relish is worth mentioning, its sweet, savoury and delicious !!

Goli soda

It was an awesome meal; perfect to jiggle up the old taste buds and memories.

Till next post, take care !!


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