Nasi & Mee: A scrumptious affair 🍝

Our eating out expeditions usually see us heading towards the Koramangala, Indiranagar and MG Road neighbourhoods in Bangalore; but closer to home at Sarjapur, there are a few good places to dine out too and Nasi & Mee at the Bay building in the IT park Brookfields Ecoworld is one such place.

The Bay building is a popular place for hanging out; it houses many cafes; the security there has now started charging parking fees for vehicles; during the pandemic days, parking was free and now the additional cost is a definite sign of crowd and prosperity!

“Nasi and Mee translates to ‘rice and noodles’ in Bahasa, with ‘mee’ coming from the Cantonese word for noodles – mien.”

The restaurant is located inside the building; a quiet place. There is a colourful a/c seating and an outside dining area around a shallow L shaped pool of water; we chose the latter. We were surrounded by walls but in open air and lot of green around. Across the pool, we were facing a well maintained vertical garden and lining the pool were potted plants, real on the ground and artificial plants hanging from the roof. The water of the pool was still with glistening white marble sculptures reflecting the sun; above there was sign of a Morgan Stanley office premises. Most importantly, it was peaceful !

Nasi & Mee at the Bay building in the IT park Brookfields Ecoworld, Sarjapur

Famished and directing our attention to the elaborate menu, we ordered three dishes, the N&M Nasi Goreng – Malaysian fried rice served with fried egg, satay. It looked good and tasted fantastic !

N&M Nasi Goreng – Malaysian fried rice served with fried egg, satay

The Nasi Lemak Istimewa. the rice arrived conically set and violet in colour with chicken rendang, sambal ikan bilis, peanuts, fresh cucumber and other tasty sides. Filling and delicious !

Nasi Lemak Istimewa

The Pad Thai, the rice noodles came with bits of tofu and surrounded by sugar, crushed peanuts and chilli flakes. Maybe it’s because we mixed in all the chilli flakes; it was relatively more spicier than the other two dishes; but our taste buds liked the heat 🔥

Pad Thai

To cool the fire, we ordered Fried Ice Cream for dessert 😋. The little balls, crunchy on the outside and cold ice cream on the inside disappeared fast. They came drizzled with honey and powdered sugar.

Fried ice cream at Nasi & Mee
A mouthful – Fried ice cream

We also tasted the Vietnamese Iced Coffee, not much of a coffee fan. The friendly staff, prompt service, good food, the peaceful setting and close to home, made it a relaxing lunch on a lazy afternoon at Nasi & Mee.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee at Nasi & Mee

Till next post, take care !!


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