Mango tango…👯🥭


It isn’t full fledged mango season yet; the harbingers, the push carts on the roadsides are still piled high with the sweetest seedless green grapes😋. Mangoes however have started making appearances in the supermarkets and yes…we bought some, it’s been a year long wait !

So what are we eating ? There are a large variety of mangoes harvested across the different states of the country and their ripening season is spread across from March to July. The first lot we bought was towards mid March and they had this blush red at the apex👇, they are called Sindhura local to Karnataka. They were sweet.

Sindhura mangoes

The next lot was the ubiquitous Banganapalli mangoes a prized export from the namesake town in neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh. The are big with the characteristic yellow and green colouring. The first one we cut still had a hint of sourness in it, but the latter ones were sweet.

Banganapalli mangoes

The next lot was an awesome surprise; it arrived by courier from my parents home in Kerala; the much loved Moovandan mangoes. They were plucked from the tree, individually wrapped in newspapers and sent across. They are yet to ripen though; we are keeping a close tab ☺️. They are more spherical in shape with a green and yellow skin.

Moovandan mangoes from Kerala

My brother send across a pic of the green orbs hanging at arms reach at my parents home in Kerala. Last I saw the fruits on the mango tree in Jan, they were tiny and now they have grown and hang like big pendants on the tree!!

Moovandan mangoes in Kerala

As Ruskin Bond reminds us, fruits are a compensation for the summer heat 😎 …..only if we take the trouble to plant and nurture the life giving trees !!

Till next post, take care !!

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