Sly Granny: A medley of flavours πŸπŸ§†

1 Apr, Friday afternoon and we were off to downtown Bangalore for lunch. The traffic is back in full josh on Bangalore roads. The outer ring road in Bangalore has metro work going on and this has taken up one lane on the road; another lane was demarcated as an exclusive bus lane, thus leaving just one lane for normal traffic. Woefully inadequate and with the office openings, the exclusive bus lane has now been removed and the barricades that were in place have been pulled up; so two lanes for traffic; still not enough though.

But sitting in traffic, one has plenty of time to admire the scenery around; Bangalore city is awash in blissful blooms and the colours all around are so pretty, the street trees are bursting with flowers – the pink powder puff flowers of the Rain trees, the yellow and pink trumpet trees, the yellow copper pods, the violet jacarandas, the red bottlebrush and even the new leaves on the trees are a shiny green ! The trees in Bangalore are in their best season !

We were heading to Indiranagar and our destination was a restaurant called Sly Granny. Valet parking and up in the lift to the 3rd floor we reached the restaurant; a cosy setting, highlighted by wood, rich colour, quirky artworks, music, wallpaper and plush upholstery. The 3rd floor was air conditioned while a small flight of stairs led upstairs with balcony and open air seating. Being a hot afternoon, we chose a/c and booth seats; we were right next to Putin ! There were guests seen heading straight for upstairs.

Art at Sly Granny, Bangalore
Sly Granny, Bangalore

The food menu was continental but couldn’t help noticing some all time favourites from Kerala – Fish Moilee and Kerala style Beef Kebab Slider ! But we chose neither and instead ordered from the Grazing Platters, the Vegetarian dish which had falafel and a host of dishes to nibble – marinated olives, hummus, potato chips, spicy remoulade, pickles – all super tasty and filling !!

Vegetarian platter at Sly Granny, Bangalore

Next was the Gnocchi – dumplings made from Parmesan and goat milk ricotta in white wine cream; it was goodπŸ˜‹

Gnocchi at Sly Granny, Bangalore

Then a non-veg dish, Meaty Aglio E Olio with spaghetti with bacon, chicken and ham, yummy !!

Meaty Aglio E Olio at Sly Granny, Bangalore

The food was filling and so we skipped desserts and just had fresh lime juice to wash the food down. The dishes were all well plated and tasted delicious. Friday afternoon and so not much of a crowd; it was a cosy place, rich tasty food, courteous staff and good music. Another good place to eat in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

Till next post, take care !!


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