POTD: Bottlebrush πŸŽ‹

Bottlebrush in Cubbon Park, Bangalore

The tree is covered in a canopy of small narrow green leaves radiating out from drooping branches with bright red bristle like flowers seen hanging downwards at the edges; the uncommon foliage and flora catches the eye; the flowers look like colourful tinsel tied onto the edges of the limp branches and the tree looks festive. It’s pretty sight in the apartment and home gardens in Bangalore.

The red bristles are actually the stamens and the petals are a no show. The resemblance of flowers to that of the bristles bottle cleaner has earned it the popular name of Bottlebrush.

It’s Holi today for those celebrating the festival of water πŸ’¦+ colours πŸ”« and a holiday for others like me who are not. The festivities are arranged at the football ground of our apartment complex; drums of water, Hindi songs being blasted from a loudspeaker but people have to bring the Gulal (the coloured powders to throw or rub on another or mix with water and splash). It’s over 32℃ outside in the sun in Bangalore, air is still, not a blade of leaf is moving. But when doused with water, I guess you don’t feel the heat 😊. We are officially into another round of summer 🌞.

I am happy seeing nature’s colours πŸŽ‹ but for all celebrating here’s to a very Happy Holi πŸŽ‰ and fun celebrations with loved ones.

Till next post, take care !!


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