POTD: Spider Lily 🕸


Second month into the year; the days are getting hotter while the nights are still cool in Bangalore. The cyclical changes that happen year round have become familiar and hence we can look forward to the days with happy expectations. And when we look out for the familiar we begin to notice the new things around. Was this there last Feb also !?

The white flowers in the surrounding green stands out; what are they !?

Spider Lily

Spider Lily; the white petals are so thin, like the legs of a spider🕷. The stamens are orange in colour, at the end of long filaments. Fragrant ?? Don’t know; am not smelling them 😬. There are more buds waiting to bloom 💮

Spider Lily

As the earth continues to rotate in its set elliptical orbit year after year, we like the fact that by now the route we are travelling seems familiar; but we will never get back the same moments, everything including us change with each minute and there is always some new, surprises, good and bad. I hope to be able to move forward and not get stuck in the past.

Till next post, take care !!


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