Framing a new scene πŸͺŸ

My apartment has sliding aluminium frames for the windows; and here I wake up to wooden window frames that open to the outside and are latched in place so that the wind doesn’t bang them shut. The scenery outside is different and so is the frame πŸͺŸ; I am at my parents home in Kerala 🏑

A cat in waiting outside the kitchen

My parents wake up at 5:30 am and I saunter out of bed by 8:00 am; hot tea β˜•οΈ and breakfast awaits πŸ˜‰. A cat arrives promptly in the morning and waits for my Dad; when it hears his footsteps down staircase, it jumps off the boundary wall and starts meowing at the kitchen door. Cream and two sardines are it’s breakfast and then it’s back to resting….🐈

“You have nothing to do !?” asks my Mom as I take a cue from the cat and head back to my bed after breakfast.

“Sweep the front yard” Mom tells. My breakfast has to digest and it would be a help; so I take the broom and start sweeping the front yard. It’s something I never had to do in all my life till date; one of the perks of apartment life. The front yard is tiled, so it’s relatively easy. The debris is mainly dried leaves from the mango tree, the fallen flowers and the small mangoes.

Mango tree with the small raw mangoes

Our’s is the house with the mango tree; the tree was in bloom in Dec when we were home for Christmas; flowers and new leaves. Come Jan, the flowers have fallen and small mangoes have emerged and they too seem to be falling off. “Sixty percent of the mangoes fall off” my Dad says when I ask whether given this rate of mangoes falling off, any will be left behind to grow and ripen πŸ₯­

Home with the mango tree 🌳

The sweeping is laborious, it’s hot and humid and you easily break into sweat, but I enjoyed it !

Till next post, take care !!

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