Home is where the heart is…πŸ’–


“What is a Porpoise ?” asks my seven year old nephew. “Maybe it’s something like the tortoise; lives on land and in water !?” I make a guess and reply (I was so wrong 😬; I should have googled it!). The kid too soon realised that my answer was wrong πŸ˜… “If they lived on land, how can the sharks eat them !?” the kid replied… πŸ™ƒ

Meanwhile his older brother was narrating the story of The Christmas Pig by J K Rowling. The younger one who read the book too was ready to prompt his brother whenever necessary. As I learnt about DP and Christmas Pig (CP); Jack and Holly and Loser my sil was setting out an elaborate homemade lunch.

My sil works full time, manages the house and a new engagement lately has been her balcony gardenπŸͺ΄. Spilling over from the balcony, there are plants everywhere in the house and they look happy and healthy. They lend a cool and calm feeling in the hot and humid Kochi weather.

I was able to identify only four of the plants – the tall and upright Snake plant was there, a healthy and resplendent Fern, a pretty Spider plant planted in a hanging bag like container and the pretty Pothos or Money plant 🌿

My sil introduced me to the Peace Lily; it had dark green glossy leaves and the flowers had a white bract framing a cream spike.

A green balcony corner
Plants on the balcony with the Fern occupying the center stage

Plants are the leafy kind and they do require care and attention. Finding time and the energy to tend to them is commendable. Living with plants does spark joy and makes being homebound more enjoyable during these trying times.

Spider plant

Focussing on the lunch spread, we had Rice with Moru Kachiyathu (Spiced Buttermilk); the veg dishes included Chenna (Yam) Mezhukkupuratti, a thoran made from Plantain Flower mixed with Green gram (I haven’t eaten this in a long long time!, it was yummy); for non-veg we had Meat cutlets, Fish curry and there was also a sprouts salad. She even made a caramel custard pudding for dessert 😘. I was in Kochi for a few days and have been eating out most days; the homemade food tasted so good !

After lunch I wanted to do some shopping and on getting back we had tea with Meat samosas and Fish sandwiches from Anns Bakery πŸ˜‹. It was humid, hot at 32ΒΊC outside but inside the apartment was cool and serene; yummy food and happy conversations made the day special.

Till next post, take care !!

P.S: The Porpoise is a mammal, similar to the dolphin 🐬😌


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