POTD: Time check (Four O’Clock Flower)⏰

4 O’Clock flower or Mirabilis jalapa

I have the Pathumani meaning 10 O’Clock plant and discovering it’s counterpart, the 4 O’Clock plant was a big surprise. To know of such a flower’s existence was a wonder in itself !! I kept seeing the bright magenta flowers amidst the green cover during my occasional evening walks, but had no idea about their name. It’s not a tall plant, more like a shrub that keeps close to the ground.

Mirabilis jalapa is an interesting name – Mirabilis is a Latin adjective meaning wonderful given by the Father of Taxonomy himself, Carl Linnaeus referring to it’s spectacular colour and  jalapa refers to its origin in Jalapa in Guatemala.

It’s a small flower but the colour is splendid 💗

Till next post, take care !!


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