A scrumptious homecoming 🍩


We were on a flying visit to Kerala; returning just two days later. Most of the holidayers would be returning to Bangalore after the new year, probably on 2 Jan, Sunday; that day the Arrival terminal and the airport cabs will be stretched with the incoming. We had a similar experience two years ago.

Departures are always exciting and the arrival back, usually a lacklustre affair; but not at the Bangalore airport. Bangalore airport has a retail shopping and dining area called The Quad, just outside the terminal but inside the airport campus and when we arrive, we have a hot meal from one of the cafes and head home with a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts 🍩. And that’s something we look forward to; so no arrival blues 😌

Bangalore airport terminal building from the outside

This time, our flight back from Kochi was at 9:30 pm; landed in Bangalore an hour later at 10:30pm. It was a cold, windy December night (arriving from hot and humid Kochi, we used to forget the jackets; a few shivering experiences later, we now remember to pack jackets for the return trip !) but the airport was alive and around The Quad there were plentitude of people strolling with their luggage in tow; lit up for Christmas, there were plenty of props and nooks for selfies and all the cafes were open and beckoning guests. We settled around a table the Barley & Grapes cafe.

Hot food on cold nights 😊 soups, burgers and pizzas; it’s at the airport and we are still on vacation time; so as they say, calories don’t count on vacations 😇

Chicken soup at the Barley & Grapes cafe, The Quad, Bangalore
Chicken pizza is vacation food at the Barley & Grapes cafe, The Quad, Bangalore
Who can say no to fries !? 🍟 Barley & Grapes cafe at The Quad, Bangalore

That’s eating away the arrival blues! After the lip-smacking meal armed with a box of doughnuts from the Krispy Kreme shop, we stood in queue for the cab ride back home. It is windy and cold; but we are happy to be back home in Bangalore✨

Till next post, take care !!


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