POTD: December Light

Christmas tree at The Bay in Ecoworld, Bangalore

A wooden Christmas tree and a very tall one at that, spotted inside the building named The Bay, located within the Ecoworld office complex at Sarjapur, Bangalore. It was early morning and we were on an appointment for a health check-up at RxDx located within the premises.

At night the tree would be a pretty awesome sight with the light glowing from inside the wooden pyramid 💡. It looked good in daylight too ! The Bay had lot of cafes and restaurants in it. But when you step inside it is the sound of gushing water that you first hear and then you pause and admire the beautiful trees growing around. There is also an amphitheater right in the middle of the building; you almost forget that you are indoors. It’s like being outdoors inside. A charming place !

Trees inside The Bay at the Ecoworld in Bangalore

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year ahead 🥳

Till next post, take care !!


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