Hedge hunting 💮

Our apartment complex in Bangalore is composed of a single tower with eight flats on each floor. And like all planned apartment gardens, we too have hedges circumambulating the outside perimeter of this fourteen storey tower.

These hedges are composed of a variety of flowering plants and a few variegated shrubs but always manicured to perfect geometry by the gardners. This post comes as an attempt to learn the names of the flowering plants that make up these green living walls and add a touch of colour to the borders of the vertical edifice.

First up are these purple and dark blue trumpet shaped flowers with a faint yellow colour in the throat; they are called King’s Mantle. December winter doesn’t seem to dim the bloom 💜. There are also fully white flowers seen in between. The purple-dark blue colour stands out and the flowers are seen bursting out of the hedge and craning towards the sun☀️.

Well manicured hedge of KIng’s Mantle in Bangalore
KIng’s Mantle in Bangalore
All white KIng’s Mantle

Then there are the Lemonia or Pink Ravenia🌸; the leaves are glossy green and the flowers with five small petals are bright, pink and very pretty. They are just happy to get some winter sun 🌿🌸

Lemonia or Pink Ravenia in Bangalore 🌸
The hedge around the building

On another side there are these exotic looking small white flowers with just four/five petals and a delicate magenta artwork in it’s center; it’s called the Pseuderanthemum reticulatum. The leaves are variegated and the flowers have in the center small splashes of magenta tapering to dots on the white petals 💮

Pseuderanthemum reticulatum in Bangalore
Pseuderanthemum reticulatum

Another portion of the hedge consists of a plant called the Clerodendrum inerme common names include the Sorcerers Bush or Wild Jasmine. The flower petals are very small, white and the stamens are long and purple coloured. It’s a very small flower, the leaves are more prominent.

Clerodendrum inerme common names include the Sorcerers Bush or Wild Jasmine
Hedge of the Clerodendrum inerme common names include the Sorcerers Bush or Wild Jasmine

So far that’s four flowering plants that make up the hedges.

Till next post, take care !!


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