Almond canopy🍃🍂

There’s always something that catches the eye and sparks a curiosity; for this tree, it was it’s big broad shapely red leaves. On sunny days, the tree drew attention as it filtered the sunlight through its crimson and green canopy, while on the cold windy days, the burnt orange and brown hues exuded an autumn charm.

While green is the colour of the leaves when young, they turn to various shades of red as they grow older, before falling off. The leaves are narrow near the stalk and become broader towards the upper half . I liked the red so much that I stored one among the pages of a big fat book 📖

A dried red fallen leaf of the Australian Almond tree in Bangalore

After admiring the leaves, the next thing you notice are the branches – they are seen spreading out 360 degrees but horizontally. And this horizontal coverage together with the vibrant broad leaves host a distinct eye-catching canopy. There are some of these trees along the 21st Main road of HSR Layout, our immediate shopping neighbourhood providing a spectacular canopy reaching out almost to the middle of the road.

Horizontal branches

In our apartment complex, we have three of these trees – one on the main approach road and two planted at two corners of the football ground. What are these trees called !?

They are the Australian Almond trees – grown as an ornamental trees here. In December, the tree is dressed in new green leaves and seen bearing fruits. No hint of the older red leaves as of now; the tree seems to be flourishing in the winter months ❄️

A canopy of young green leaves on the Australian Almond tree

What about the fruits? The fruits are seen, green and oval shaped.

Edible ? I don’t know.

Fruits of the Australian Almond tree in Bangalore
Fruits of the Australian Almond tree, green and oval shaped

I hope to get a pic of the tree with the almond red canopy sometime soon !

Till next post, take care !!


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