Stumbling into Baking (Choosing an oven) 🍰

I bought a heart shaped cake tin from Le Creuset. It looked very cute and they were having a discount sale (a perfect example of an impulse purchase πŸ˜›). It is 26 cm lengthwise and now to put that to use, I needed to buy an oven.

Heart shaped Le Creuset Springform cake tin

Till date I have not owned an oven and have managed to avoid baking. Desserts and sweets were mostly store bought. When you are supposed to eat sugar in moderation, why go through all the trouble of making the sweet treats; besides it avoids the temptation too. And with a fulltime job, basic cooking of everyday meals itself was a chore and I didn’t want to add to it by making sweet dishes too. And no oven means, no guilt of letting it sit idle. That’s my excuse. People made cakes and puddings without oven, on gas stoves, but I steered clear of all such expeditions….for all these years.

First step, ask relatives who are avid bakers plus who are genuinely helpful, for recommendations on which oven to buy. And what were the recommendations?

Go for an OTG and not a microwave oven if the end use is baking.

The brand should be easily serviceable.

And two brands that came up were Morphy Richards and Bosch. And I decided to buy an OTG.

With this in mind, we head to the Croma store in our locality. They didn’t stock Bosch, so that’s out of the list. The salesperson at Croma was recommending the Usha brand. I didn’t own anything either in electrical or electronics from Usha. They were once synonymous for fans, but that was decades ago.

“What capacity are you looking for?” asked the sales person

Good question ! I would have been clueless, but it had to hold my heart shaped baking tin of 26 cm; so that confirmed the size requirements.

The Usha OTG looked colourful and should be useful enough, but the complementary skewers that came with the device looked like screwdriver stems, not pretty at all. The Morphy Richards on the other hand had pretty skewers. “You can buy the skewers you like from any shop and use them.” the salesperson trying to push the Usha brand.

But I decided to go with the 52 RCSS Morphy Richards OTG, the brand is imported and marketed by Bajaj Electricals. For service requirements, you can either register directly or it can be reported at Croma and they will take it forward.

52 RCSS Morphy Richards OTG

The first step was to clean the oven and heat it for 10 min as per the instructions in the manual. And now I have a cake tin and an oven. Let’s start baking! But which function do you use, the oven has got 6 settings !?

There are multitude of recipes everywhere, but more important is understanding the settings on the oven. I learnt it the hard way, after burning cakes and chicken. I was trial and error and very painful.

I was frustrating, not getting it right the first time; after all these years of cooking, baking was supposed to be easier and more importantly….fun ! People make it seem so easy, follow the recipe and the perfect cake comes out of the oven….only if you understand the functions on the oven 😏.

Here’s to learning a new skill from scratch πŸ₯‚.

Till next post, take care !!

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