Staycation in the misty hills of Chikmagalur – Part 1 πŸƒβ˜•οΈ

Staycation in the misty hills of Chikmagalur

Which resort !? It’s a place called Trivik, located amidst the coffee plantations and forests in the hills of Chikmagalur. This was our second visit to Chikmagalur; during the first visit πŸ‘‰ An itinerary for Chikmagalur 🌳, we completed a cursory visit of the touristy locations, so this time round it was just confining ourselves within the resort and having a peaceful stay, not rushing about from one spot to another !

Trivik resort, Chikmagalur

Setting off from Bangalore at 7:50 am, with a stop at Sravanabelagola and thereafter lunch at A2B πŸ‘‰ Enroute from Bengaluru to the misty mountains (in Karnataka) πŸ›£ , we reached Chikmagalur town by 2:30 pm and at the resort by 3:00 pm.

The place was shrouded in mist and surrounded by trees; the scenery was beautiful !! It felt good to be there !!

The unassuming entrance of Trivik

Greeted with the customary tilak on the forehead, as you step into the main lobby, you see the large windows on the other end with full views of the majestic trees covered in mist; it’s a spectacular sight !! We were served warm lemon tea and just left to soak in the scene for sometime 😘

Misty, misty views !!
Misty, misty views !!
At Trivik in Chikmagalur

Then you notice the grand marble and wood staircase and the pretty paintings on the wall. After completing the check-in process, we walk down to our suite. It started drizzling again β˜”οΈ

Rain, mist and manicured scenery at Trivik

We chose a garden view suite and the room was spacious and the views were gorgeous. Have to mention the long walk-in closet plus the large bathroom complete with a jacuzzi.

The guest room at the garden view suite in Trivik
The bedroom with the extra bed, writing desk
The views were gorgeous
The view from the garden view suite at Trivik

It felt like a room in the clouds; you could sit for hours in the balcony surrounded by mist and listen to the babbling bulbuls 🎢

A room in the clouds !
Room no. 42 at Trivik, Chikmagalur

After exploring the room and the excitement of being up in the hills and out of the city, it was time for dinner. Though it was drizzling, we didn’t want to order room service; but wanted to eat at their restaurant. The restaurant is called Arabica.

The Arabica restaurant at Trivik
Inside the bar at Trivik called Robasta
Tequila sunrise and Mai Tai, 1953
Murgh Tikka Angare for starters
Main course was Nizami Murgh Masala, Korri Gassi and Kulchas
Brownie with vanilla ice cream to finish off the day !
The pool at Trivik

Hope to explore more of the resort tomorrow in daylight !!

Till next post, take care !!


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