Travel travails…

This bathroom is bigger than my bedroom in Bangalore, complete with shower & jacuzzi. The window gives panoramic views of misty mountains 🌄. It’s nice !

The flooring is marble; after bath there was some water on the floor. Later in the evening, I walked in speedily wearing the hotel provided slippers and slipped; I couldn’t grab onto anything to break my fall and fell down in full force, legs up and bottom down.

I cried for help and realised that I had locked the bathroom door. I lay in pain, I couldn’t get up. It’s then I realized that it could have been worse, I was thankful that I did not hit my head anywhere. My first fall ever and a pretty bad one. 

It took me a few minutes of silent tears to realize that I will have to get up on my own. I did and could barely stand straight. I unlocked the door and limped to the men folk hoping for some sympathy. “I slipped and fell; it hurts” I said

Looking up from the mobiles, hubs and kid were skeptical. I turned around and my backside was wet from the water. “You should have been more careful.” came their nonchalant reply

Needless to say I received no sympathy nor any form of consolation from the duo; but established that it was my fault that I was not careful.

Now I am fearful of marble floors and any kind of wet floor. I thought I would be bedridden for the next few days. But thanks to Volini & pain killers, my skin is on fire & nerves numbed, so we continue….But I walk real slow now and sitting down & getting up reminds me of the fall. 

Unnecessary, yes; but it will make me more careful in the future- Once bitten, twice shy! Just thankful that there was nothing broken; it could have been so much worse

So where is this place…!? 😊

Till next post, take care !!


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