A Bangalore staycation @Hyatt Centric 🌴

Bangalore weather is gorgeous and one perfect way to enjoy it is by the poolside at the Hyatt Centric; flanked by champa (frangipani) trees with its dark green foliage and speckles of pretty white fragrant flowers ❀and palm trees swaying in the cool breeze. With the pandemic still not over, the pool is closed for swimming. It is now perfect to park yourself at a poolside table; order some delicious food or drink and read a book amidst the quiet calm.

Hyatt Centric, MG Road, Bangalore

In the evening, with the fairy lights and the reflections in the water, the scenery transformed to a mood of merriment and happy chatter. Almost all the guests take the time to go around this small but instagram worthy place to click a few photos. That weekend, there was even a small birthday party by the poolside, with photoshoot of course. Grandmothers in Kanchipuram saris, mothers draped in silk, daughters in lehengas and the tiny tots in matching colours.

The Hyatt Centric is located on the MG Road, next to the Lido Mall. We checked in on Saturday afternoon. There were three of us; we wanted the suite but they said they were fully booked; so settled in for a double room, with an extra bed for the kid. The room is small for three people; it’s just comfortable for two.

Double room at the hotel

The view was nothing to write about; but it was a change of scenery. Our apartment is on the first floor. so the view from the eighth floor hotel room was a change. Nothing pretty, just concrete. Two high-rise buildings framed the scenery; set amidst a sea of two and three storeyed houses built on rectangular plots; there is no luxury of a surrounding garden for these houses; a rooftop view of typical nouveau middle class Bangalore. But as a saving grace, you can see the Ulsoor lake at a distance and this gives the room a lake view !

You can see the Ulsoor lake at a distance and this gives the room a lake view !

Lunch was next and it was a delicious affair 😋. The pictures carry the dishes.

The dessert followed with Hot (melting in the mouth) Gulab Jamun, Milk Chocolate Blondie and Baked Strawberry Yoghurt. A scrumptious meal should ideally be followed by an afternoon nap; but we were so eager to get out and explore and so it was a walking trail in the Cubbon Park, more about that escapade later.

By 6 pm we were back at the hotel; we spent a lot of time at the restaurant. The Bengaluru Brasserie is the name of the restaurant, it’s located on the fourth floor of the hotel and the service is excellent !

Bengaluru Brasserie at Hyatt Centric – it’s located on the fourth floor of the hotel and the service is excellent !
View of the restaurant from the poolside

It started to drizzle in the evening and cold makes you even more hungry 😊

Poolside at the Bengaluru Brasserie

Sunday, Day 2 started off with the breakfast buffet 🍳. The restaurant was almost full.

Breakfast – Mysore dosa with three chutneys and sambar & egg curry
A view of the landmark Trinity Church from the hotel

The morning we went to tour the Bangalore Palace, still owned by the Wodeyar royal family and now a museum. It took three hours to complete the tour, more on that later. Lunch was back in the city center at a fabulous restaurant. Post lunch, did some shopping and we head back to the hotel.

There was hardly anybody at the restaurant for dinner. A few guests scattered around; most of the weekend revellers had checked out in the afternoon. The next day, Monday was a working day and the corporate crowd would come in said the manager.

We checked out on Monday after breakfast; it was a good two night stay in the heart of Bangalore city. The itinerary is here 👉 Itinerary for a weekend in downtown Bangalore🏙

Till next post, take care !!


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