Embassy Office Park REIT: Predictable payouts are always good πŸ’°

Payout over the years from EOPREIT (in Rs.)

Embassy Office Park REIT’s current year FY 22 Q1 results are out and it’s good to get payouts as expected. EOPREIT is distributing Rs. 5.64/- per unit for Q1 πŸ‘. The record date is 5 Aug and payment date is before 12 Aug.

They had deferred giving a guidance for this year’s total payout wayback in March 2021, but along with the Q1 results, they have also given this year’s total distribution expectation to be at Rs. 21.50/- per unit 🀞.

They are betting on the offices opening by the year end and currently claim 89% occupancy. Their debt level is at 23% of the gross asset value. They also announced plans of restructuring their debt into coupon bearing instruments and if they are open to retail investors, it will be good to see their interest rates; they are planning for Oct 2021.

There was the issue of the sponsor Blackstone pledging their units of EOPREIT; though no idea why.

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