POTD: Spotted 🦋

Common mormon butterfly

When you have the time to click butterfly photos🦋, it’s a sign that you are relaxed and have time on your side😄. Both are good indicators because June so far has been hectic; more on that later.

But today morning was unhurried and so while venturing out to collect the fish delivered at our apartment gate; I decide to walk an extra mile to soak in the change in Bangalore weather and the new unfolding scenery around our apartment .

June is rainy season 🌦and Bangalore is at it’s best weather – cloudy, cool breeze, intermittent drizzle and sudden bursts of sunlight. These four events play out in different combinations each day and the weather is unpredictable; but lovely !!

The lockdown in Karnataka has been lifted; but people are still cautious. The online classes confine the kids to the houses and so the grown ups too stay at home and go out only if there is a need.The few Covid positive cases we had in our apartment have recovered. Everyone has received at least one dose of the vaccine and bidding time for the next dose. So things are moving forward🤞.

Till next post, take care !!


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