Sweet start to the month 🥭

June is always special; celebrating the arrival of the monsoon ⛈ ; but this year it is in June that we finally got to taste this year’s mangoes🥭. So double celebrations🥳. Usually we get a carton from Kerala filled with our homegrown Moovandan mangoes; but this time, mom said most of the mangoes were infested with worms and because of the lockdown, they are not able to get anyone to pluck the mangoes high up on the tree. So no mangoes from Kerala.

Back in Bangalore, while returning home after getting our first dose of vaccination, we saw a truck unloading cartons of mangoes and setting up a stall right next to our flat ! The mangoes looked really yum !!

Mangoes for 2021

I chose 1 kg of Badami mangoes, a variety local to Karnataka. They have a hit of reddish tinge and look so pretty👇 and they tasted sweet and juicy 😘

Badami mangoes

Right next to the Badami mangoes, there were these big mangoes, the skin was more orange, shapewise, they looked peculiar, flattish and elongated than spherical, fully ripe – they were called Mallika and I took one. It weighed 800 gms ! The were sweet too, more denser than the Badami.

Mallika mangoes
The 800 g Mallika mango

I couldn’t go without buying the Banganapalli, a variety from Andhra Pradesh. Compared to the Badami, they are bright yellow, cheaper and more generous in size.

Banganapalli mangoes for 2021

It’s been a mango week so far and we also got some almond ice cream to eat with the mangoes; it’ a match made in heaven 😋

Mangoes and almond ice cream

Till next post, take care !!


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  1. neelstoria says:

    Mouthwatering. Haven’t had the opportunity for some good mangoes this year.

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