Lilies of the (football) field ❀

Look what the rains have brought ✨✨

White rain lilies are what they are called I think. They are so pretty 😘. The white is glowing and in the background of the green, growing in bunches they are a spectacular sight !! It’s not just a pretty flower, it is a happy flower, welcoming the rains, smiling at the sun, swaying in the wind.

White rain lilies

The football ground in our apartment complex has a walkway around it, popular among the residents. Considering the pandemic, it wears a deserted look now. Otherwise during evenings, the ground is noisy with kids and their coaches while the grown-ups walk taking rounds speaking on their mobile phones.

In the absence of footballs and trampling little feet, the lilies and other small plants are flourishing in the rain round about the empty ground. The ground though is well kept, the plants are tended to and trimmed. I’d normally walk around and around in the name of exercise for the limbs oblivious to the plants around. But now I have begun to notice the green, though I am clueless about most of the plants.

Maybe it’s because of the blog, sometimes I wonder whether I am driving the blog or is the blog driving me !

The deserted football ground

The lilies occupy a small stretch along the boundary of the football ground along the wire mesh.

White rain lilies along the boundary of the football ground
White rain lilies

They are an incredibly pretty sight 😘.

Till next post, take care !!


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