Gulmohar ♥️🌿

The trees in bloom in Bangalore are harbingers of the changing seasons. It’s just a month ago that the Garden City was swathed in delicate pink and yellow from the tabebuia rosea and aurum trees 👉Tabebuia bloom in Bangalore 🌸🌸 heralding spring.

Gulmohar in bloom in Bangalore

And in May the city’s canopy has changed to red – the bright orangish red of the Gulmohar ♥️ welcoming the summer😎.

Gulmohar with its bright orangish red flowers and segmented leaflets

It’s not just the red flowers that stand out, the leaves of the Gulmohar, segmented into tiny leaflets are pretty too and together they create a spectacular canopy in the sky !!

It’s the midst of lockdown in Bangalore and we are lucky to have these magnificent trees in our apartment complex. Cutting down on the everyday busyness has resulted in time to notice and appreciate otherwise ignored sights such as these 😊.

It’s not just the canopy, the ground below the trees are bedecked with the fallen red flowers and the ensuing red and green (grass) carpet is a beautiful sight too. Only in the Garden City – the trees in Bangalore are majestic !!

Gulmohar tree in our apartment complex

Till next post, take care !!

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  1. Athira says:

    Such an amazing view

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