POTD: White Moon 🌝

White moon

Irrespective of how old you are and how often you have seen the moon during the day, you still can’t help exclaiming “The moon is out early !”

How come ? You wonder silently. And if you are with company, you point the moon out to the other(s)😊. “Look !” And that was it. Can I describe it a bit more? I am at loss for words…

It is just recently that I read Proust describing this lunar experience – “Sometimes in the afternoon sky a white moon would creep up like a little cloud, furtive, without display, suggesting an actress who does not have to ‘come on’ for a while, and goes ‘in front’ in her ordinary clothes to watch the rest of the company for a moment, but keeps in the background, not wishing to attract attention to herself.”


Till next post, take care !!


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