POTD: Jacaranda πŸ’œ

If there is one common theme that threads the nostalgic memoirs of Bangaloreans, it has to be the flowering trees of the Garden City 🌳. Among the plethora of trees in Bangalore, two are always fondly recalled – the Jacaranda and the Champa.

Jacaranda at the Cubbon Park in Bangalore

I had no clue what the Jacaranda looked like….until now. It’s flowers are violet πŸ’œ in colour and they are so pretty !! Now I can visualise the spectacular sight the writers talk about; the ground strewn with violet flowers of the Jacaranda and pink flowers of the Tabebuia rosea 🌸🌸.

A trail of Jacaranda violet flowers along the walkway at the Cubbon Park, Bangalore

Till next post, take care !!


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