Tabebuia bloom in Bangalore 🌸🌸

At first I thought they were Cherry Blossoms; but no, they are Tabebuia and more correctly Tabebuia rosea marked by the clusters of baby pink trumpet shaped flowers🌸. And with each breeze they shower the sidewalks and the dividers along the roads, weaving a carpet of powdery pink. But the pink is so light that once the flowers touch the ground, the colour seem to fade away and they don’t have the same striking beauty as the clusters on the branches.

And even more surprising is that the trees have shed their leaves and they have no hint of green, just the baby pink and to hungry eyes, they may even look like the pink cotton candy.

Tabebuia rosea along the Outer Ring Road, Bangalore

Saturday afternoon, we were heading along the Outer Ring Road in Bangalore. The kid needed an eye check-up; the online classes has taken it’s toll on the eyes, he needs new specs.

Later we ventured to the Cubbon Park and there in addition to the Tabebuia rosea there was also the Tabebuia aurea , aurum in Latin meaning gold.

Tabebuia rosea with the pink floral carpet at the Cubbon Park, Bangalore

Tabebuia aurea are the yellow Tabebuia trees. The yellow clusters are beautiful and they are glowing in the evening light. It’s not just in the Cubbon Park, these trees are seen all around Bangalore. As you navigate the mains and crosses that mark the grid layout of most Bangalore localities, you see a pink or gold tabebuia in full bloom !

Tabebuia aurea at the Cubbon Park, Bangalore
The yellow clusters of the Tabebuia aurea

29 March, Monday is Holi, the festival of colours 🔴🟡🟣. The supermarkets are seen stocked up on herbal holi coloured powders displayed near the check out counters, supposed to be kind to the skin !? But as per the government directives, the Holi celebrations are going to be muted this year too. But nature has started off celebrations in style and it’s worth our time to enjoy this splendour and resplendence🌼🌼.

It’s Tulip time in Netherlands, Cherry Blossom in Japan and Tabebuia in Bangalore🌸🌸 !

Till next post, take care !!


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