Back to Summer β˜‚οΈπŸŒž

The gardeners are giving a close crop to the plants around the apartment; new flower beds are being planted. Early mornings are still cool, though the people out and about for their morning power walk have shed their jackets and hoodies. The days are bright and sunny, the afternoon heat lingers into the evenings. The rotation of the seasons is noticeable, now that there are fewer distractions; usually it slides past uneventfully till the heat becomes stifling and once again we debate on whether it is prudent to have an air conditioner in Bangalore!

While the winters are thawing into spring in other parts of the world, it’s blazing hot in Bangalore. But unlike Kerala, Bangalore is not humid; but the weather is dry and windy. Kid’s exams are over, the schools though are open (online classes only) till the end of March and then it’s summer vacation. Usually by now we would be making travel plans, but this time so far nothing has come to fruition. Few states have made in mandatory to have a COVID 19 negative certificate for entry, so this makes travel a bit more tricky.

At the home front, in an effort to be a little more organised, I have cleared away the warm winter wear to make space for the cotton clothes. In the process, did some pruning too and got rid of a few old clothes. And then to fill the gaps, some shopping 😊. It’s raining discounts, March being the year end, retailers want to get rid of their stock.

Summer is the season to enjoy salads and juices πŸ₯€. The watermelon lemon juice is as as tasty as it looks. It’s easy to make – watermelon chunks πŸ‰, lemon juice and sugar mixed together in a blender. No straining required, the pulp of the watermelon is good too. If the watermelon was already stored in the fridge, the juice will be cold, else you can add ice.

Watermelon lemon juice πŸ₯€

If you prefer the watermelon chunks, here’s a tasty recipe πŸ‘‰Summer treats πŸ‰

Here’s to a happy summer 🌻

Till next post, take care !!


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