A Sunday browsing second hand books🍭📚

Downtown Garden City still has a green canopy! ☘️

It’s Sunday and since November last year, when we started going about the city again, once a month visit to Church street has become a casual routine.

Destination M G Road, Bangalore

Three- fourth of the Church street has been closed to traffic and it has now become a popular backdrop for Youtube shoots and Instagram pics, thanks to the graffiti on the surrounding walls and closed shop fronts. Most of the eateries and shops lining the street still remain closed; a few cafes have opened. 🍹

A sunny Sunday morning🌤; people stroll from one end of the street to the other taking pics; enjoying a meal, outside seating is more popular with the pandemic situation and nil traffic. It’s the book stores that are another big draw here; selling both second hand and new books. There are many small and big book nooks on the street, two major names are the two Blossom book shops and the shop called Bookworm.

I have mentioned Blossoms on a prior post on Church street 👉A glorious afternoon at Church street, Bangalore 🎋

A Postcard from Blossom

Bookworm has an entire wall of books right at the entrance and if it’s your first time here, you will get rooted for sometime in front of this wall scanning the rows one by one, searching for some title that speaks to you. I picked the book “A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind” by Shoukei Matsumoto from here 👉Adding meaning to daily chores (Buddhist approach) 🧹

The wall of books at the entrance to the shop Bookworm on Church Street
A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind by Shoukei Matsumoto

Again the first time, inside the book shops will be overwhelming; either you will like everything you see and buy a lot of books, or be lost and come out buying nothing. Too many books !! But over a few visits, the stacks being to make sense, you know what is where. Assistance is always at hand, if you need help.

A Postcard with the typical interior of the bookshops on Church street

I am not going to list the books I bought as I realised from past experience that if I share their pic before I finish the book, I never get around completing the book. So book names and pics only after I am done with them!

Another second hand book I bought, from Blossoms this time was the PG Wodehouse “The Code of the Woosters”. All the Wodehouse’s I have ever read have been duly returned to their owners and libraries and this would be the first I own. This book has the story of Wooster trying to steal a cow creamer for his aunt Dhalia and also save his best friend Gussie’s marriage.

PG Wodehouse “The Code of the Woosters”

No outing is complete without a bite to eat and two fav places here are Chaipoint and KC Das sweet shop. I like tea over coffee and hence the preference to Chaipoint. Their ginger tea is bliss!

Chaipoint at Church Street, Bangalore
The egg paratha with mint, mango chutney and butter at Chaipoint
Egg paratha unwrapped, with ginger tea ☕️
Aloo (Potato) paratha roll at Chaipoint
Church Street Bangalore

The KC Das sweets are a treat packed for home. This time, we bought the pink round sweet called Ras Kadam, something like a rasgulla without the syrup, the ever popular cham cham (white and cylindrical in shape with no syrup). The sweet shop is always bustling with people. Some were sitting an enjoying a meal of poori and aloo ending with a sweet of course. Then there are people who drop in for a quick bite and parcel of some of their favourite sweets; still others who ask what is what (like me) and then taking a sweet parcel home for the Sunday.

A bite of Ras Kadam from K C Das

Till next post, take care !!


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