Bangalore to Chikmagalur: Road trip 🛣

So here we are off on a trip to the Land of Coffee ☕️.

Chikmagalur!! 🚗💨

In Hosur and getting out of Bangalore city

Getting out of Bangalore city makes you realise how vast the state of Karnataka is actually. And the roads, always straight roads; the fact that you can see the tarmac stretching for miles in front itself is a spectacular sight. The highways in Karnataka are magnificent✨.

We started by 9:00 am and it would take us 4 to 5 hours to reach Chikmagalur. On the NICE road first and the traffic at the toll to the NICE road makes you realise that most Bangaloreans have the same idea of getting out!!

The queue to pay the toll at the NICE road, Bangalore
On the NICE road and heading to NH 75

As I have mentioned in the prior road trips, NICE road is really nice and it is a part of the NH 48 !! 20 min on the NICE road and few cars take the exit to Mysore. We turn at the Tumkur road junction near BIEC.

We then take the NH 75 and now on the way to Hassan.

Next major stop Hassan
On NH 75 to Hassan
On the NH 75

A 10 km stretch is a dual way, rest of the road is 4 lane. By 11:30 am, we reach Hassan.

The turning to Hassan, we went straight ahead
Turning to Belur road and the first sign for Chikmagalur

Finally on the Belur road and we see the first sign for Chikmagalur. The Belur road is a dual road. The roads are dusty and the scenery is one of post harvest. More gold and brown than green.

The dual lane Belur road
Gold and green landscape along the Belur road

By 1:00 pm we reached Chikmagalur. The roads were fantastic and hence we made it in 4 hours !! The lake is quite large and was called Dantaramakki Lake I think.

Dantaramakki Lake in Chikmagalur
NH 173 Chikmagalur, on the way to our hotel

The hotel in on the highway NH 173. The highway is under construction, more correctly it’s being elevated from being a state highway to a national highway. We didn’t stop anywhere in between.

Gateway by Taj at Chikmagalur

We are staying at the👉 Gateway by Taj.

More in the next post. Take care !!

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