Bandhej: Haute Handloom🥻

The newspaper this week had an article on “Revenge Shopping” by people after the Covid freeze. That’s not me I said to myself 😇.

Bandhej in Bangalore

I wanted to buy a few salwar kameez pieces; the shop kept sending me messages of their sale and thought why not? It’s been almost a year of waiting. Well….this is exactly what the article in the paper outlines🤗. People have not spent much in the past nine months and now want to derive some pleasure from shopping and travelling with due precautions. So here’s to retail therapy🥂!!

Bandhej in Bangalore

The shop Bandhej is a perfect place to start shopping for the season. They have cotton, silk and knit wear; I love the brand for the the Indian-ness the clothes reflect, colourful and perfectly tailored.

Inside the store
Inside the store

I spent a lot of time browsing and bought some stuff, here are the pics👇

A white open neck cotton kurta from Bandhej
A silk kurta bought on sale from Bandhej
A short kurti bought on sale from Bandhej
A cotton kurta on sale bought from Bandhej
White Dupatta with beautiful embroidery from Bandhej

I have to admit to feelings of joy and satisfaction after the shopping. I was happy to find my size for the items on sale. They clothes are pretty 😘 !!

Till next post, take care !!

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