Musings @ 32,000 ft ☁️ ☁️

It suddenly struck me that, one of the things that I have been missing for over a decade or so is claiming the window seat in an airplane. Once you have kid(s), the window seat becomes their privilege and you settle for the middle or aisle. Its nice to get the window seat.  I was travelling alone this time.

At the Bangalore airport, in my Indigo seat 14A

I spent the whole hour of my flight from Bangalore to Kochi staring out of the airplane window and clicking pictures of every cloud formation I came across ! You cannot rule out the fact that I had no better alternatives. There was no inflight magazine or entertainment. No one to talk to, not very fond of watching movies on the mobile phone and not interested in reading my book. And I couldn’t sleep, because of the excitement of flying. Yes, flying still has the thrill !! It’s almost a year, since I last stepped out.

Ready to take-off from Bangalore

The cloud formations outside were fascinating. There were mountains of clouds, cloud pillars, sea of clouds, floating clouds, valleys of clouds and cloud tunnels. Flying through the cloud tunnels were like a slippery roller coaster ride, wall of white on either side and the light feeling in the head as the plane slithered and bounced though the haze. Weeeee….😀

Flying again !!

The flight was half empty, no one seated next to me nor opposite across the aisle. We were given a face guard to wear. What’s on the menu ? Cashews, biscuits and fruits. No plans of buying, just curious. 

First glimpse of Kochi after almost a year

I wish the journey was on more happier note and not for the funeral. Air travel seemed risky in the present situation, but it is being done with precautionary measures.

Raining at Kochi when I landed

It was raining when I landed in Kochi. The weather was lovely, cool. Homecoming always feels good. I made it to Kerala !!

Wet wet…at Kochi airport
An almost deserted looking Kochi airport

Till next post, take care !!


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  1. Manoj Nair says:

    Thanks for sharing . Reminded me of the trip I made in Oct…at the peak of the Covid restrictions. Only the trip was from Mumbai to Bangalore to TVM and back. Kerala is beautiful from any angle – ground level or from a thousand meters up in the sky …


    1. Miles and smiles says:

      Very true. Thank you for sharing the thought.


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