A glorious afternoon at Church street, Bangalore πŸŽ‹

It’s been over a month since we stepped out of the apartment and it was high time. The kid’s mid-term exams were over, festival holidays were underway and we were yearning for a change in scenery.

It was late morning on a Sunday and we drove over to MG Road. The shop fronts were decorated with garlands of yellow and orange jamanthi (marigolds), mango leaves and stalks of banana leaves; the markings of the Ayudha puja (worship of instruments) that was carried out maybe early in the morning. This is part of the ongoing Navratri festival and it’s not just the shops, construction sites, cars too were adorned.

The colourful pillars of the metro lend a cheerful look to MG Road.

From MG Road, we took the perpendicular Brigade road and then the first right to the Church street, our stop for the day. Church Street runs parallel to the MG Road. We were lucky to find parking space. The road is a peaceful stretch, paved road with well maintained sidewalks dotted with shady trees. You can imagine that on any normal day, the place would be bustling and crowded as it is lined with eateries; but today things were quiet; few of the eateries displayed To Let signs, few had their shutters down, but a few were open for business and awaiting customers.

Church Street – parallel to MG Road and perpendicular to Brigade Road
Church Street – not crowded on this Sunday
Remnants of the morning puja on Church Street

Out first stop was the Blossoms book shop. It’s a famous and cherished landmark for the old bibliophiles of Bangalore. I read of it’s existence from the memoirs of authors who used to visit there. Never had a chance to visit the shop until now. The bookstores in the malls and online ordering always served the purpose. There are two of them, we went into both. There is the small older shop with 3 floors, stacked with books on every wall and crevice in the building. You can wander through the maze created by the roof high piles of books. It is overwhelming unless you have a book in mind that you want to buy. Every possible title that you have seen or heard is seen here ! What will you choose !?

Blossoms – the old favourite book shop
The small older shop with 3 floors, stacked with books on every wall and crevice in the building.
You can wander through the maze created by the roof high piles of books in Blossoms
The staircase of the old Blossoms
Books stacked along the staircase at Blossoms

The bigger (and newer) Blossoms is spread on an entire third floor; a well lit cavernous place with narrow passages lined with walls of books. We bought from both the stores !!

By now it was way past lunch time and we were famished. There were crowds seen waiting outside two restaurants namely Oh! Calcutta and Bheemas. We choose an old favourite Coast to Coast well known for their Mangalorean food. Maybe we have been away for too long, the restaurant seemed to have received a facelift. The food was as always lip smacking. We had what we order always – Chicken Ghee roast, Neer Dosa and Anjal Tawa Fry. The spice mix they use is the secret and it tastes heavenly. Though the colour is deep red, it is not fiery hot, but moderately spicy.

Chicken Ghee roast and Neer Dosa from Coast to Coast restaurant on Church Street
This lemon cooler is perfect for a sunny day – at Coast to Coast, Church Street

We strolled from one end of Church Street to the other and back. A fruit seller had some good looking papaya and we helped ourselves to one.

The fruit seller on Church Street

Last stop was the sweet shop K C Das. This place was buzzing with people. We finally made up our minds on what to choose from the display of sweet temptations and bundled back into our car.

At K C Das sweet shop on Church Street
Sweets we chose – Rossogollas and the Kala jamuns from K C Das
Laddoo and Turkish Delight from K C Das

We had a good time. We normally head to the mall for shopping and deter from such street tours due to the notorious Bangalore traffic and impossible parking. But today things were perfect; we should do more such exploring !!

Till next post, take care !!


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