September Dividend Stars ✨

Dividend stars for Sep 2020

The FMCG giant ITC Ltd gave out a dividend of Rs. 10.15/- per share.

The Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) paid a dividend of Rs. 4.5/- per share.

The media company and Radio Mirchi owner Entertainment Network India Ltd (ENIL) paid Rs 1/- per share as dividend.

These were the portfolio payouts for Sep 2020. Among the three above ITC is always expected to dole out good dividends; CDSL is an interesting case though, a relatively new listing in the market and has been increasing it’s dividend for the past 2 years. ENIL has taken a severe hit in revenues and profit due to the pandemic, but akin to the preceding years, they have maintained their 10% of face value dividend payment this time too.

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