Blue start to a new month 💙

The weekdays of 30 Sep and 1 Oct slid past together and it’s only on 2 Oct the realisation that a new month has dawned actually sank in. It helps that 2 Oct is a public holiday marking the birth anniversary of Gandhiji and this time it fell on a Friday. A long weekend to kick start a new month; Oct also marks the beginning of the shopping season for the upcoming festivals. Kids are studying for the mid-term exams while the parents make plans for the ensuing holidays and festivals. The newspapers are bedecked with festive offers and ads. It’s a busy time. The weather remains unpredictable with the skies radiating warm sun one minute and then soon enough the clouds gather for a sudden impromptu shower.

Welcome October 2020 ! HelpAge India calendar

Friday, the morning walk was crowded; but the people soon settled to their accustomed walking paths avoiding others to the extent possible. A silver SUV drove down our apartment’s drive way and parked in the visitor’s car park. A lady emerged and began calling someone on her cell. Soon a family of three were seen trooping down our apartment; the father first, with a luggage bag and a backpack, the mother next carrying a large heavy brown paper shopping bag, carefully holding the bottom of the bag with one hand, looked like eatables and last the kid with a backpack. There were squeals of greeting between the two families and finally everybody settled in the SUV. They seem to be off for the weekend; travelling amidst the pandemic, maybe to a family farm house in the outskirts of the city, maybe a villa in some resort, maybe Goa…I looked on with envy. Three days holiday….

Friday evenings we have the local bakery Carnival Cakes and Breads visiting our apartment. It’s become a routine and we now have a standard list of items we buy. But they bring a new item every week and this week it was apple pie. It was nice; a scoop of vanilla ice cream would have made it even better😋 !!

Apple pie from Carnival Cakes & Breads
A scoop of vanilla ice cream would have been perfect with the apple pie !
Punjabi samosa from Carnival Cakes & Bakes

Love their Punjabi samosas, two in a pack, the potato filling and the crunchy deep fried crust is yummy yummy.. 😋

Saturday mornings start late and always with tea and croissant, the latter bought from the Carnival people yesterday. It’s become a habit now. But today we have a seller of handicrafts visiting our apartment – Studio Oikos. Jaipur blue pottery is what they are selling, in addition to printed bed linen and other home decor items. Here’s a look !

Jaipur Blue Pottery for sale
Wooden wall hangings

The wooden wall panels they said were made up of sheesham wood with an inlay of camel bones, wood carved ones and there were even hand painted ones.

I bought a few of the wall plates, the colours were so vibrant and irresistible 😘!! I am a sucker for floral patterns but as per the sellers the animal prints were popular too !

Deep cobalt blue wall plate
Wall plate in a beautiful turquoise blue print
The small yellow printed wall plate is a good contrast to my dining table runner
More picks from the Jaipur blue pottery collection

So far, it’s been a good two days. Happy weekend everyone !!

Till next post, take care !!


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