An afternoon in the city πŸ™

September is a birthday month; the kid had zeroed in on his birthday gift months in advance. The weekend was relatively relaxed since not much work spilled over from the weekdays and so we thought of going out and getting the gift shopping done.

Saturday dawned as a sunny day, but by noon when we decided to step out, the sun decided to take a break. No complaints because the weather was pleasant and cool; sky was overcast but no sign of rains yet. It felt good to get out of the house and off on a drive to downtown Bangalore.

Overcast skies in Bangalore

The traffic jams were back on the streets of Bangalore. The vehicles plying on the roads were comparatively less but the digging up along the road sides only allowed the vehicles to move slowly and in two lanes. At a traffic signal near MG road, a small girl was selling red roses. She wore a mask and stopped to ask us if we would buy one. We did; Rs.20/- for a stem and it looked really nice !!

A beautiful rose stem

The drive felt good and the city scenery seemed to have affected a change. The beautiful trees lining the roads looked refreshed with the rains washing off the accumulated dust aided by the low levels of pollution from the reduced traffic due to the pandemic.

The lovely trees of the Garden City – Bangalore !!
I don’t know the name of this tree, but the bright reddish orange flowers high above are a glorious sight !!

Our first stop was the library; books to be returned after 2 weeks and new covers to select !!

At the library
Library books for the next two weeks

Maybe it was the weather; I picked two books from the cooking section. The cool cloudy days filled with the promise of rain makes me hungry and while the inspiration strikes, it’s good to make the best use of it.

Next stop was the electronics shop Croma; the kid wanted a small speaker as his b’day gift. He had to choose between Sony and Bose and after listening to both, decided on Bose. The sound was amazing !!

Outside the Croma store on 100ft road, Indiranagar

Last stop was Starbucks on 100ft road in Indiranagar. The place had customers and more people were seen eating there than during our previous visits. We ordered a take away this time and head home.

Inside Starbucks on 100ft road, Indiranagar

Just then the clouds burst and it began to drizzle. The drizzle very quickly turned into a heavy downpour. The two wheelers on the road decided to stop and head for cover. The roads suddenly cleared. There is something very endearing about photos of rain drops🌧….I love it !!

The roads cleared just as it began to rain heavily
Light drizzle turning into a downpour
Visibility in the rain
Driving in the rain

The kid is thrilled with his gift; he was not very happy with the speakers of his laptop. People can be broadly divided into two categories – the ones who need complete silence to study and others that need a background music to concentrate. I am the former kind, while the kid is latter!

The birthday gift

Till next post, take care 🎢🎡 !!

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